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Movie Review: Legend of the Guardians

This film follows the adventures of a young owl before he can fly as he and his brother are kidnapped.   The young owl escapes the kidnappers along with another young owl.  These two owls set out to find the Guardians of Ga’hoole in order to rescue the other young owls who have been kidnapped by the group.  The young owl eventually finds the Guardians after many trials and much sacrifice.  The film culminates in a climactic battle in which the kidnappers are vanquished thanks in no small part to the young owl whom the film centers upon.

I held great hopes for this movie, and they were somewhat dashed by some of the slowness early in the film.  It takes a while for all of the puzzle pieces to come together and put you on the edge of your seat.  All in all a good film but not great, the score is fantastic, and when the story really starts to come together you don’t want to stop watching.  The most difficult part of this film is getting through the slow and seemingly dis-jointed parts early in the film.  Had I written this review before or while it were in theaters I would have suggested to wait for it on DVD to rent and watch.  The story once it comes together is very enthralling and Hollywood needs more original material such as this to keep audiences coming back for more.


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