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RBW 2011 Cancled; Boat party remains

RBW (Rather Brilliant Weekend, formerly Red Blue & White)   the UK’s first and Europe’s third largest furry convention, announces that it will not host a convention in 2011.

The statement issued today reads:

Obviously the news that a lot of you are waiting to hear is if there will be another RBW this year. We’ve spent the last couple of months thinking about it, weighing up the risks, the time requirements and most importantly what we’re trying to achieve with the event.

There will not be an RBW convention in 2011.

One of the odd things about RBW is that everyone who’s been loves it, but we never seem to get enough interest the following year. Not enough people want a 3-day residential convention in London to make it a sure thing – for the last three years we’ve been left worrying right up until the last month or two whether we’ll have enough attendees to cover the cost of the event.

We’d hoped that the successes of previous years would fix that problem, but the number of attendees hasn’t changed significantly. We suspect that one of the reasons for this is that London’s already very well served by the thriving LondonFurs community, with its own special events that rival some full conventions. In sales speak, the market is saturated. We think that means it’s time to try something different.

According to the release, the organizers of RBW are going to continue their popular Boat Party, and they indicate they have other projects in the works.

You can read the full release here

You can join their mailing list here


2 responses

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  2. Guest

    Maybe if they didn’t insist on having it in London, they’d have done better. They acknowledge that London already has a thriving furry scene. It’s not easy, quick or cheap for people around the UK to get to London and back.

    The UK is a big place and by insisting on having a convention in the capital in the south east, you’re making people have to travel a long distance with a large cost attached to that.

    Obviously there would be no “perfect” place to have such an event, but a city like Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham would be much better. They’re more central in Great Britain meaning that those in London would travel just as much as those further north in Scotland, and everyone in between would have to travel less.

    They are right – partly. The market is saturated – in London. However London does not equal the whole of the UK. Unfortunately it seems that the organisers don’t consider anything outside of the capital as important or significant and their own bad decisions means a loss to the whole of the UK furry community

    February 3, 2011 at 7:05 am

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