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Movie Review: Alpha & Omega

Alpha & Omega

This film follows two young wolves, Kate and Humphrey, starting off as childhood friends on the day Kate is set to begin her training as an Alpha female of the wolf pack. Come Spring Kate has finished her Alpha training and is next seen on her first hunt going after Caribou. This hunt is interrupted by another pack of wolves from the East which causes a conflict. Humphrey as an Omega is meant to keep the peace and make others laugh, he quickly defuses the conflict. Kate soon discovers that her father and the Alpha of the eastern pack have made a deal to unite the two packs by marrying Kate and the Eastern packs young male Alpha. That night Kate and Garth are introduced, Kate is very much put off by Garth when he begins to howl at the moon horribly, dropping birds from the sky. After getting away from Garth, Kate runs into Humphrey and begins trying to convince him she’s not running away from Garth. Eventually Kate is hit with a tranquilizer followed shortly by Humphrey. The two wake up after being relocated to Idaho to repopulate wolves at a park there. Kate convinces Humphrey to help her get home and adventure ensues. In the end Garth and Kate are about to be married when Kate backs out. Kate has fallen in love with Humphrey which leads to a battle between to two packs. In the end Kate and Humphrey are together with Humphrey having protected Kate during a stampede of Caribou.

This movie flows well from beginning to end, it keeps you interested from the very beginning to the very end. The best part about this film is the writers actually asked experts about and observed wild wolves in order to understand the pack structure. Toward the end Humphrey is about to do what many Omegas do, take the lone wolf route. This in nature eventually leads to the formation of a new pack, but for the purposes of this film they couldn’t have that happen. All in all an excellent film that does a good job debunking many of the common misconceptions concerning wolf pack structure that were first documented by scientists when they took unrelated wolves from the wild and introduced them to a new pack unlike anything nature would produce. This film is dedicated to the memory of Dennis Hopper, his last film role before his death. I highly recommend this film to adults and children both.

Review by: Marnol – See his Blog HERE



3 responses

  1. Wolf

    I have to disagree that the people who wrote this movie knew anything about wolves. Arranged marriages? Wolves with hair-dos? A pair of alphas joining from neighboring packs to form a single larer pack covering the same territory? Show me any of that in nature.

    No, this story makes much more sense when you realize that it is a product of Bollywood where the ideas of arranged marriages and class mingling are very real and relevant.

    The first time I saw Alpha and Omega I kept cringing as it seemed like there was a song about to begin, but luckily it never happened. The animation was years behind what major studios are producing. Some of the site gags and animation sequences were obviously ploys to take advantage of 3D effects.

    All of this said, I still enjoyed the movie, as a furry. It is a reasonably fun movie with some humor that makes me wonder how a parent would explain it to their child. You can only trip around the idea of mating, er I mean, howling at the moon, for so long though. Still, perfect to keep us furs well entertained.

    January 25, 2011 at 9:47 pm

  2. I still feel like the GCI could look better. It looks disappointingly flat, after companies like Pixar take the time to individually animate each of their characters’ 10,000+ hairs and such.

    January 25, 2011 at 10:05 pm

  3. AsylumFang

    Saw this movie last night and am completely in love with it! Very cute, funny, and different from others I’ve seen.

    I love how instead of them acting and behaving like real wolves do, they added some human characteristics as well. When they howl, they sing, which is very beautiful if you ask me. They have different types of hairdos, adding a little bit of character to each of them and making them unique in their own way.

    At the same time, they added a lot of real wolf-like stuff – which made the twist pretty cool.

    Great movie! Loved it!

    January 27, 2011 at 1:27 am

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