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New Submit System in the Works!

By the weekend, I’ll have the new Submission system installed.  Anyone can go in and create a news article.  It’s a basic fill in the blank form.

It will allow you to upload images for the article, embed a video and do basic editing and tweaks.  Once you are done, it will send an email to myself or one of the appointed Editors for review,  Once it is reviewed and approved, one click sends it out to Twitter, and soon to Facebook and other social outlets.

Once you’ve had a couple of articles published, you’ll be evaluated for an “Author” position.  From there, you can move up to Editor.

I’ve been asked – this is not a paying gig.  Not yet.  If the site begins to support its self, then we can look at sharing the wealth with the contributors – but as of right now, the site comes right out of my pocket.  It needs to break even on software and hosting& domain fees.  Normally funds left over from that would be earmarked for future contests. (Example -Con Memberships, God Level Con Memberships, Game Consoles and Commissions for art – just to name a few)

If we get to a surplus in funds, yes, we’ll pay a small ammount for articles, and larger amounts for video content – but right now, I see that being over a year away.

That’s all for now – Look for the forms tomorrow -One will be an application form, and the other will be an article submission form.

Take care all


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