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And We're Back

We were having technical issues with our theme – it would not properly display comments and social media sharing tools.  This is a work in progress.  There will be changes as the site is brought up to 100%.

Also – We are looking for an artist to design a Masthead to replace the one currently on the site.  The idea we have in mind is a Furry news room.TV Studio with a couple of Furry anchors behind the news desk.  Think evening news.  If you are interested, please contact me at publisher@furrynewsnetwork.com for more info.


One response

  1. I liked the fact that you’re using Disqus for the comment system. Saves me having to register to comment as I can just use my OpenID.

    It’s nice to know you’re looking to change the header, cus the CNN parody is a little cheesy. :p

    Anyway congrats on the website, it’s nice to have more furry news entering my Google Reader inbox. The content seems alright from what I read and WordPress theme looks alright too. If you ever want a HTML 5 driven redesign in the future though I can design something for you.

    January 21, 2011 at 11:34 am

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