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ThunderRoo In Crisis

19 Year old Californian, ThunderRoo had been looking for a change in his life.  Recently through contact with KaiWulf on Twitter, Roo was offered a job as a cable tech, made a commitment, bought a ticket and flew across the country to Atlanta GA to start a new life.

Before the jetlag had even worn off, ThunderRoo was contacted by his parents who indicated that his father was critically injured in an accident and was in the hospital.  Red flags went up for those who know the situation; to get closure and ease his sense of guilt, ThunderRoo boarded a plane back to California.

When he arrived back, he found out he had been deceived.  His parents lied to him and lured him back to keep him from venturing out on his own. His phone was taken.  His social accounts such as twitter were suspended. At this point, the community knew something was going bad – real bad.

A message was sent to Roos phone by ScottJFox. Scott got this message in return:

TXT Exchange after ThunderRoo's phone had been taken

ScottJFox then started a rescue:

Scott Fox – tweetdeck.com – Public
. @ThunderRoo is 19 years of age. He has moved out, and his parents lied to forcefully keep him in California. @DragonOrca and I will be leaving shortly to pick him up. What his parents have done is illegal. There was no “car accident” and his father was not severely hospitalized. Wish us luck, and hopefully voilence does not come of this.
Scott used GPS Data posted in ThunderRoo’s tweets provided by HenriWatson to get his location.  It was not long till he and Dragonorca were heading to the Roo’s Jouse in Joshua Tree, California to pick him up and possibly confront his parents.
Scott Fox – tweetdeck.com – Public
#FreeThunderRoo Officially heading out to pick up @ThunderRoo , wish us luck! Game Plan is going to the door, asking to speak with Mathew. Should they refuse, I will thank them, turn around, and then involve the local Sheriff. Will update when possible, going to do everything we can to avoid violence etc etc etc.
Details were thin during the confrontation – we got this tweet:
Scott Fox – tweetdeck.com – Public
#FreeThunderRoo I have sucessfully come in contact with @ThunderRoo. He’s in the car with me, and safe. *hugs him 9001 times* ❤

Currently ThunderRoo is safe. You can get in touch with his new Twitter account @ThunderRoo1

From ScottJFox’s FA Journal:

I wish there were some way for me to directly reply to everybody from tonight’s events, however seeing as it would be impossible to do so I’ve concluded to write an FA journal and link to it instead.

From the Beginning to the End.. My own views and understanding. Thunder’s asleep on my couch as of now so I’m unable to verify details of things (will edit the journal at a later time if need be).
ThunderRoo is a 19 year old male, and he quoteunquote ‘ran away’ (moved out, considering he’s over 18) from his California home after finding work in Atlanta Georgia. Leaving a note with his parents stating he was moving out, he boarded the next available flight, taking only his phone and the clothes on his back.

Shortly after arriving in Georgia , I received a text from him stating he’s already headed on his way back to California (the airline ticket there was paid for to my understanding, the one back was not). As story would have it, his father was severely hospitalized after a car accident, so Thunder had the decency of flying back to visit his father in the hospital, even though it caused him to lose his newfound job before he had the chance to start.

Earlier this afternoon, news started appearing on Twitter that ThunderRoo’s twitter account had been suspended. I quickly shot him a text message to be greeted with this: http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/…..7clipboard.png

To make a very long story short, ThunderRoo is 19 years of age. He had moved out, and his parents lied to forcefully bring him back to and attempt to keep him in California. DragonOrca and I left shortly after to pick him up from his place. What his parents did was illegal. There was no “car accident” and his father was not severely hospitalized. Thankfully, no violence came of this. ThunderRoo left his home and headed to a local church, where DragonOrca and I picked him up. Drove home stopping for food, and as of now he’s sleeping safe and sound. 😛

Should there anything I’ve left out, or any questions I’ve left unanswered, please let me know! It’s approximately 2:16am where we’re both located, so I’m going to be headed out to sleep.
Thank you to EVERYBODY who gave concern! It did not go unappreciated.

Also, as far as the initial start of the story, FNN did a pretty decent job of writing up an explanation here: https://furrynewsnetwork.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/proof1.jpg201…..roo-in-crisis/
It’s really awesome! Their entire website has been very helpful, and I would like to personally thank them. (:

During the crisis, a hash tag was created – #freeThunderRoo – he was the #1 topic of conversation during the rescue exercise.  Because Twitter no longer keeps long term tweets in search, you will only be able to search for #FreeThunderRoo for the next 24 – 48 hours.

This crisis forced ThunderRoo to use all of his savings.  For the time being, he is safe, away from his parents but still stranded in California.  We would like to head up a Donation Campaign to try to get some funds back to him so he can function as he tries to get back to Atlanta.

Click image to enlarge.

Edit – Jan 21, 2011

We were running a donation drive for ThunderRoo. Because of continued suspicions and accusations from several very vocal members of the community, FNN is pulling the donations button from the site. We thank those of you who donated.  The funds collected have already been sent to ThunderRoo and should help get him back on his feet.

To be clear on this – ThunderRoo did not ask me to do a donation drive for him.  That was my idea.  The reasons for it are explained in the Editorial post HERE.

I’m going to get a bit unprofessional here.  The donations drive was called “crass”, “an insult to hundreds of furs who are suffering, but didn’t get a “popufur” to “rescue” them”, other tweets and comments have come in questioning ThunderRoo’s motives. Wondering if he ever even made the flight out to Atlanta. There have been conspiracy theories and accusations that it was just a way for him to make money.

Well, I know for a fact he made the flight from California to Georgia.  I was called by his employer to ask if I wanted to ride along to pick him up.  I had to miss that trip, but I did meet ThunderRoo and KaiWulf (his employer) for a late dinner/early breakfast not long after his flight came in.  The photo above was taken with my phone at that meeting.  Why did I take the photo?  I was adding him to my contacts.

I also talked with KaiWulf about the situation when ThunderRoo got the call from his parents.  So I had all the information from the personal meeting to him being called back to California.  So yes.  It is a credible story.  It really did happen just as described by myself and ScottJFox.

Again, thank you to all who gave ThunderRoo both moral support, and those that added some financial support.  You guys are the reason this fandom is worth being in.

Regards –


Edit: 1/21/2011 – 4:33pm EST

Scott Fox – tweetdeck.com – Public
. @ThunderRoo1, @DragonOrca and I were walking back to the house from Subway, when a car slammed on their brakes and stopped in front of us. ThunderRoo exclaims, “Oh crap. My parents.” Thunder’s father gets out of the driver’s side door and SLAMS the door shut, and then his mother gets out. They were talking in spanish, but Thunder said the conversation started off with them saying they were really mad, then they asked if he was okay, and then said they have his clothes. His father took a deep breath, shook our hands, and said, “Take care of our son.” before driving off.

ScottJFox’s Tweets:

Uhhh…. @ThunderRoo1 ‘s parents are here… >>; shhhiitttt

They’re talking in Spanish and don’t seem pissed.. they’re giving him his clothes and stuff. >>;

They told @DragonOrca and I to ‘take care of their son’ and handed us his clothing. Mother fucker I’ve never been so relieved in my life. xD

Everything’s okay, we’re back home now. I guess somebody let them know where I lived, and they came to drop off his things.. #phew #thankgod

Donations to assist ThunderRoo


14 responses

  1. Tigerfox

    The show made us furries look like crap. I hate the way media twists crap around x.x

    January 20, 2011 at 7:15 am

  2. Thrashwolf

    Fairly rich white guy loses some money, oh no! I’m not saying this ThunderRoo guy wasn’t in need of help, or that what happened to him was bad, but a donation fund, really? There are a lot of people far worse off than this guy and while everyone who’s thus far donated has good intentions, their money would be far better off spent elsewhere. Also jesus christ stop jamming the word ‘fur’ into everything.

    January 20, 2011 at 4:45 am

    • Anonymous

      Fairly rich white guy? No – 18 year old with very little money saved, uses his savings to move to Georgia to take a $10/hr job to try to start a life on his own. His controlling parents lure him back with a lie, forcing him to use the very last of his savings knowing he will not be able to return, and costing him the job and new future.

      There are many out there who have been in a similar situation or can really feel for the guy. What money is raised is to help him get back on his feet. As of right now, he is staying with a friend, has no money, can not go back home, has no job, and no way of getting back to Georgia.

      The fact that people are donating anything at all shows that there are members of the fandom who have interests in people and things other than themselves.

      January 20, 2011 at 5:37 am

  3. Raymond Night Fur

    one week is not enough time to make a fursuit she did it for the money…enough said

    January 20, 2011 at 11:26 am

  4. Kyten Fokz

    All I have to say is people need keep their scrawny noses outta places they don’t belong. Fursuiting Doesn’t hurt anyone, leave the girl alone. The therapist even said it was good for her, it was helping her cope with the loss of her father.

    January 20, 2011 at 12:44 pm

  5. random person

    She wanted money and fame, and that’s what she got.

    January 20, 2011 at 2:20 pm

  6. Zel

    There’s a lot of loose ends in this article, making the whole thing fishy.

    “Red Flags went up for those who know the situation.” Who ‘knew’ the situation, and what sort of red flags? I can understand ignoring everyone if you think your family is in real danger, but we should get more details on this before being asked to throw money that way.

    “Thunder had the decency of flying back to visit his father in the hospital, even though it caused him to lose his newfound job before he had the chance to start.” I find this hard to believe. He didn’t find a job as a McDonald’s cashier, a ‘cable tech’ sounds at least like a slightly more higher-end job. A company might be annoyed at hiring someone and them leaving right away, but most companies have policies in place so that their hires can deal with family emergencies. Even new hires that don’t necessarily get full benefits usually have protections. Why would this job drop him instantly instead of work something out with him, e.g. you have 3 business days to go home, see your family and report back to us?

    Lastly, I understand the guy has hardly a dime to his name, but what exactly is the money going towards? Food? Shelter? Or is he buying a new suit and haircut to try to get a new job (which I’d find more legit than generic ‘food’ and ‘shelter,’ really)?

    This kid’s parents sound batty, and I do feel for him, especially in this economy. But furries are often way too quick to lend a helping hand and believe the worst sob story. Being helpful isn’t a bad quality, but being gullible certainly is.

    Either case, I wish Thunderoo the best of luck, and I hope he can find new employment and get back on his feet again. I really do think things are picking up, so he just needs to be persistent and get his name out there.

    January 20, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    • Anonymous

      He was hired by KaiWulf to be a cable tech. Kai is on a contract and has to go when and where he is told. ThunderRoo was to do training in the field in Atlanta on Monday and Tuesday. He then was to leave with Kai Wednesday for a cabling job in (as I remember) Connecticut. They had to be there Thursday for the job.

      Kai had already lost his first cable tech, which delayed his leaving by a full week. If he was forced to wait again, he would have lost his contract.

      And as for how he’s using the money – He is looking for employment currently. It’s going towards clothing and basic living expenses.

      January 21, 2011 at 4:06 pm

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  8. Mattandclank

    Do you know how his parents feel they are worried about him.that is the while reason for this entire escapade.they are just worried about him.and they may have gone a little overboard but that just shows how much they care about him.

    January 21, 2011 at 6:28 am

    • No, that does not show how much they care about him. It shows how little they care about him to jeopardize his job in Atlanta, and jeopardize his employers contract. It shows just how abusive and manipulative his parents are.

      January 21, 2011 at 6:42 pm

  9. Your Mom

    First off this with this entire situation we are only getting one side of the story. Until you can get both sides as in Thunders and his PARENTS sides remove the “donations”. If this needs donations then what about the furs that have large medical bills or things like it. It just seems VERY fishy.

    As you even said he had gotten clothing from his parents as well as his stuff. Meaning he does not need any other kind of money or stuff the like.

    But as Scott said in his journal “ThunderRoo is a 19 year old male, and he quote unquote ‘ran away’ (moved out, considering he’s over 18) from his…” He truly did not think it through. What if the job failed, where would he live, when did he leave? Was it in the night as his parents slept or when they were at work or out of the house. He also said “Leaving a note with his parents stating he was moving out, he boarded the next available flight, taking only his phone and the clothes on his back.” To me that says it was a 10 min thought and then a yes I’ll be there. His parents could have done a missing persons report. If Thunder as well as people like Scottjfox and SilverAutomatic want all this to get dropped he (Thunder) should post the entire story. It is no where online.

    So if they want people to stop thinking what I believe is happening then have him tell the entire story. I’m not saying what his parents did was right. It was a horrible way to get him back to CA. But that’s my opinion.

    From what I have read and heard I 100% agree with Zel. There is WAY to many problems with this situation. Such as why did he not ask his mom for the hospital info. Like what hospital so that way when his flight did land he could meet her over there.

    His “rescuers” had no authority to do what they did. What happened is that it was a family whose son suddenly disappeared and they were worried for his safety. They most likely called him and he wouldn’t answer their calls or was very vague as to the details so they made a bogus story thinking it would bring him back to CA.. and it worked. (I do not agree with the way they got him back but hey it worked) Yes they took his cell (what if they are paying for it.. its their property) so what. (If I did something like this the same would have happened to me.) They probably did not want him to be calling, texting or anything like that while they talk to him and was probably a punishment. I would be willing to bet that there is way more to this story than what is being said and that some of the story is being kept quiet so that Thunder remains to be seen as the victim here and so the money being given doesn’t stop. That is why it is so important that his parent’s side also be heard even though people are saying that it is not. Again this is another red flag. Why would people be trying to hide the other half of the story?

    Plus these “red flags” if everybody else saw them then why did nobody say anything to him about them?

    So what this is was a family argument that other people stuck their noses into and really just messed everything up for the family. Plus this happened RIGHT after a con. Meaning that its was the “OMG A FURRY IN TROUBLE… LETS SAVE HIM” If the timing was not when it was it would have been more like “eh what ever” but right after a con everybody is still all hyped up about it and wants to change the world.

    Thunder has not said a word(which is highly suspect) about the situation as SilverAutomatic has said so on Twitter (seen below) He has been silent and thats not looking very good on his part or his “rescuers.”

    SilverAutomatic:@SashoWolf He did so on twitter. about 20 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to SashoWolf (to the tweet right below this very one)

    SashoWolf: @SilverAutomatic Like i said, he should state his point of view, and not on twitter. cause 140 chars isn’t enough to speak about 20 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to SilverAutomatic

    SilverAutomatic has also said that what Scotjfox has said is not what hapened. (seen below in the two tweets)

    DeusExBestia: @SilverAutomatic The article makes it sound like he just left a note and ran out like he didn’t want to discuss the situation with his folks about 14 hours ago via Adium in reply to SilverAutomatic

    SilverAutomatic: @DeusExBestia Lets assume that’s how it went (And it didn’t). Does that excuse them for faking a car accident to get him home? about 14 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to DeusExBestia

    With those tweets just from SilverAutomatic he is saying that its not what happened. So who is right and who is wrong.

    This seems like a situation that has been taken and embellished upon in order to gain popularity and even money as is the case here. If Thunder was smart he will lay low for a while and not show up at any cons for the next year. Still though the question remains, what will the more than $500 in donations be used for? Will it be used for going to cons or will it be split up between those who are involved? Quite frankly I see this turning into another Allan case.

    In closing while there is no denying that Thunder had flown from GA back to CA and that how his parents got him back home is unethical. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the whole situation is highly suspicious with details that are pertinent to the story being withheld or hidden. This is looking more and more that people saw the opportunity to take a private family situation and make it public while embellishing it to gain more popularity (as is evident by some of the responses given by ScottJFox in his journal with words like “bows humbly”) and money thus taking advantage of the trust of the “furry community”.

    January 22, 2011 at 1:48 am

  10. Gaius

    It may be a douchebag thing to do but..

    Indeed it’s a bad thing to sue your parrents, but you know what, they deserve it
    People need to know there are concequences to their actions.

    If you cause your child to lose a garanteed job and all of their savings just so you can force controll over him, then frankly, you deserve to face justice.

    January 25, 2011 at 12:34 am

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