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Entertainment Tonight Covers “My Strange Addiction”


Nineteen-year-old Lauren is obsessed with wearing fake animal ears, masks, paws and tails. She can’t imagine going to a party or social event without wearing her fur suit and is completely dedicated to her “fursona,” designing and sewing her costumes well into the night, even if it takes priority to finding a job.

“My self-esteem isn’t the best,” says Lauren. “Normally I’m kind of shy, but [my fursona] lets me bring out my more outgoing and talkative side.”

For more compelling insight into addictive behaviors that are dangerous and risky in nature, watch “My Strange Addiction” Wednesday night on TLC.

Read Lauren’s response here: MY STRANGE ADDICTION

What is a Furry?  Read more here: http://www.furrynewsnetwork.com/psa/about-furry

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