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FWA Announces New Streamline Registration

Tiger Nick talks about their new system:

“This is the beauty of the new system. Same thing with registration. Attendees will only have to login next year, and pay online – not enter all their info.

OH! And because this is on the internet, you can do it from any computer, any smartphone, or terminals that we’ll have set up around the con.

We need to let everyone know that if they want, while their standing in line (or in their room) they can register and pay, so all they have to do is step up and pick up their badge.

Isn’t that awesome!? So tell everyone that this is the whole idea with the new system – MyFWA.com. We’ll also have the schedule, maps, area info, restaurants, and even be able to buy shirts and hoodies online! Then at the con, they don’t have to stand in line at the Con store to pay for a T-shirt. Go online, pay for it, go to the con store and pick it up. This will allow for people to secure their shirt and hoodie before they even get to the con.

This will change everything for FWA. PLEASE tell everyone!”

-Tiger Nick

[Editor’s note:  I did my registration – took 3 mins from start to finish!  Do it NOW! http://www.myfwa.com ]


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